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Perimeter, Area, and Circumference

I am currently working on the culminating activity with my students.  The unit took a lot longer than originally expected because the students were so excited about certain programs and web sites that it was hard to get them to move on to another activity.  The students loved using Shape Explorer and Triangle Explorer to come to an understanding of the meanings of perimeter and area.  The students were also thrilled about the pi activities.  The level of understanding about the topics was definitely enhanced by the use of technology within this unit.  The only adaptation I would make to this unit is time.  Allow for double the time for every activity to give the students ample time to explore and discover.  Having the students discover, practice, and finally understand the concepts of perimeter, area, and circumference is what this unit is really all about.  I hope that others take a break from formulas and paper-pencil methods and allow their students to learn about these concepts with the use of technology.  I saw a great change in the attitude of the students as well as their level of understanding.