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Perimeter, Area, and Circumference
Practice Worksheet- Perimeter and Area

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Perimeter and Area

Practice Problems

Formulas for Perimeter and Area

Rectangle                                                                  Square



Perimeter =                                                           Perimeter =
Area =                                                                  Area =

Pictures of rectangles and square must be drawn in here for the students to find the area and perimeter of due to the fact that this site did not support the drawn shapes from another program.

Perimeter              Perimeter                    Perimeter

P= ______________  P=____________ P=______________

P= ______________ P=____________  P=______________

P= _____________  P=_____________ P=______________

P= ______________                              P=______________


        Area                  Area                  Area

A= ____________  A=_____________ A=______________

A= ____________  A=_____________ A=______________

A= ____________  A=_____________ A=______________


Create two of your own area and perimeter problems at the bottom of this page. Draw the figure and solve for both area and perimeter. Dont forget your labels.