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Perimeter, Area, and Circumference
Shape Explorer Worksheet

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Shape Explorer Questions

  1. Draw a shape from the Shape Explorer site or create your own on the grid below. Be sure to shade in your shape.


  2. What is the perimeter of your shape? How did you find the perimeter?




  3. What is the area of your shape? How did you find the area?




  4. Perimeter is measured in linear units and area is measure in square units. Explain why.




  5. Did you find any patterns or shortcuts when using Shape Explorer to calculate area and perimeter? Explain any that you may have found.




  6. Try finding the area of your shape drawn above on the grid by drawing a box around the shape and subtracting the area in the box that is not used from the area of the box. Do you get the same answer? Why? Is this method always easier? If not, explain when it is easier to use this method and when it is not.





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